Real Florist Australia offers an exciting opportunity for select florists across Australia to integrate a low cost, individually tailored (free of charge) online:
•  wholesale flowers portal; or
•  whatever florist product or service the florist chooses; 
to be e-commerce capable and to be within the florist's own online retail environment and within the Real Florist Network. For example:   Gympie.Florist and Gympie.Real.Florist.

To spread the Network throughout Australia, so as to achieve:
  increase presence on the internet for Network members;
   compliment existing florist website/s;
  alternative wholesale (or whatever) florist product or service;
   Network strength. Network cross-link all member domains; 
   result of higher ranking in Google;
   potential for regional Adwords campaigns; 
   spread the word & blow away Fake Florists;
   re-capture the Fake Florist's share.

Quick Look:

•  Your own responsive Network website with hosting SAMPLE;
•  Your own regional domain name (example Gympie.Florist);
•  Also a free sub-domain of Real Florist;
•  Additional domain/s charged at registration cost;
•  Fully customised (FREE of charge) to suit YOUR requirements;
•  e-Commerce capable with YOUR PayPal account;
•  All orders come direct to you by email (sample order form);
•  Order Forms & Prices adapted to your requirements;
•  NO commissions or service charges other than $25.00 per month;
•  Customer receives receipt from PayPal;
•  Introduce pre-ordering, to offer better deals;
•  YOU choose delivery day/s, DEPART from same day delivery;
•  First 6 months FREE to test it out (limited offer);
•  If you like it, $25 dollars per month after free period;
•  $250 dollars for 12 month period (save $50.00);
•  Less if florist provides domain name;
•  More members = more strength to the Network;
•  Invitation to select florists across Australia to join Network;
•  Your own Network region, "first in best dressed";
•  Only ONE Network member per region / town / suburb / village;
•  All Bricks & Mortar and Studio Florists welcome;
•  No written contract, come & go as you please.

A fully customised e-commerce Network website free of charge.
Your own regional or particular purpose domain, with six months free hosting.
Only $25.00 per month after the first six months.
Or $250-00 per year.
No other hidden fees or charges.


You will have an enthusiastic and energetic web designer and SEO (Search Engine Optimizer),
with 25 years experience heading up the Network team.

Our available domains for Sunshine Coast... maybe there's one here to suit you ?

First domain FREE with membership, a second domain charged at registration cost.

Caloundra.Florist   Maroochydore.Florist   Mooloolaba.Florist   Noosa.Florist   Tewantin.Florist
 Caloundra.Flowers   Noose.Flowers
(SunshineCoast.Florist to be used by Real.Florist to promote the above domains) 
Cairns.Flowers   Rockhampton.Flowers   Townsville.Flowers
NoosaRoses.com   NoosaRoses.com.au
NativeFlowers.com.au    NativeFlowers.net.au
1300.Flowers    1300.Florist
ColombianRoses.co   PeonyRoses.online
Frangipani.Florist   Frangipani.Shop
A business name does not give you exclusive trading rights or ownership over that name. 
A misconception by some florists is that if they operate a shop with a registered business name, lets say "Buderim Florist" (actually registered), no other florist can use that name. In law this is not so. Business name registration offers no protection, it only serves as revenue for the government for the purpose of providing information regarding person/s who are operating the business name.
In the "Buderim Florist" example, it is a descriptive name and no-one can have exclusive use of such a name. Anyone can use it and accordingly it would not be possible to trademark it unless it was distinguished in some way, such as by the addition of a logo or image, or to somehow make the mark unique. 

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